Yellow Bus, Yellow Bus


winter wrapped
in a blue grey morn
I stand
waiting for the light
to change

for the world as I know it
to pass

waiting almost
without eyes
cornered by another
morning rush

when heaven opens
in a smile
from a yellow bus
passing by

a child’s wave
from a frosty window
floods me with delight
his lips play
a soundless good-bye
as the bus turns
taking him to school

yellow bus, yellow bus
took me too


Annunciation-an Untold Story

before leaving
she stopped him
to ask:
“Are you to leave
without asking me for a blessing?”

the angel fell
before her

he waited
not knowing how to proceed
why he came

what choice did he have
after all
how could he say no
to the one who sent him
or could he

she became impatient

while the angel
less stunned now
and more moved than ever
began to wonder
why he was still there

fear began to rise in him
how could this woman
sow such connuberation
in him
with one simple question

he wanted to leave
but could not

the two infinities
of her eyes
holding him
began to smile

he knew
he was in trouble

why should he ask
of her a blessing
he who had come
to bless her

a red wind rose
gently blowing
his eyes

he bowed
under her hand then
left to let
her ponder

now pregnant
in the middle
as well as
all around
in every direction